Case study: OCBC bank scales business and mitigates risk with Numerix Oneview

Numerix and OCBC Bank, a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Singapore, have a well-established and successful client-vendor relationship that spans approximately 10 years. Over this time, Numerix has helped the bank address several crucial challenges. This case study details how Numerix helped to support the evolution and expansion of OCBC’s valuation activities, its move to the cloud and adoption of the Numerix Oneview platform as a managed service, and how the technology solutions provider has helped OCBC successfully execute a number of key initiatives, such as meeting risk-based capital adequacy regulatory requirements.

This case study offers a deep understanding of how Numerix partnered closely with OCBC to achieve the following capabilities:

  • Numerix Oneview as a managed service hosted on the cloud gave OCBC the ability to capture trades without taxing the internal infrastructure of the bank, and provided the flexibility for the infrastructure to elastically expand depending on trade volumes and computation requirements
  • Numerix enabled the bank to capture diverse multi-asset, exotic structures, such as target accrual redemption notes, pivots and barriers. Therefore, the bank was able to price structures and accurately represent trade terms
  • Numerix supported OCBC in managing valuation adjustments – known as XVAs – for complex structured products
  • Numerix helped the bank satisfy new regulatory requirements for XVA, uncleared margin rules and the standard initial margin model.