CP+ unveiled: accurate, real-time pricing for global credit and rates markets

The opacity of bond markets makes accurate pricing and fair valuation a challenge. Without clear benchmarks, it's difficult to assess a bond's true value and compare prices across sellers. This can lead investors to unknowingly overpay or miss out on valuable opportunities. Efforts such as electronic trading platforms and regulations aim to bring transparency and efficiency to the bond market, ultimately benefiting investors with better information for informed decisions.

CP+ addresses these challenges by offering real-time pricing for global credit and rates markets, with daily updates on more than 290,000 bonds, including those eligible for fixed income indexes. This white paper explores how high-quality transactional data helps investors to gain strategic insights and improve market transparency. The paper also examines how CP+ integrates with various trading protocols and data solutions, highlighting the impact of accurate, real-time pricing on market efficiency and daily trading activities.