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Fitch Solutions fuels better informed credit risk and strategy decisions with reliable data, insightful research and powerful analytics. Our teams provide crucial intelligence to help our clients to easily understand and interpret markets, so they can protect their organizations’ interests and help to grow profitability.

Clients benefit from accurate, granular and in-depth information, plus differentiated perspectives, especially in markets where information is hard to find and difficult to interpret. Information is structured and delivered to increase efficiency and optimize workflows, with the option to dive into the detail wherever necessary. Our products have won numerous awards, for the quality of our research, data, forecasting and technology.

The driving force behind our products is our people. Experienced analysts, dedicated data specialists and committed customer success teams across the globe work together to ensure we remain a trusted partner to our clients. Our goal is to add value to our clients’ work at every step of the way.

SCRA Best practice guide

The financial world has been familiar with the Basel III framework since its inception in 2010 and countless hours have already been spent tackling the 1,626-page tome and its various amendments over the years. There is no doubt that full implementation of Basel III will be a gargantuan effort for…


The scale of the data management effort will depend on the size and geographic spread of a bank’s unrated portfolio, but will likely entail significant time and resources, which is why Fitch Solutions developed an SCRA data offering to meet this need. To help banks understand the challenge, Paul…