Oxford Risk

Founded in 2002 by leading decision science academics from Oxford University, Oxford Risk are experts in behavioural finance and financial well-being. They understand how people perceive risk, make judgements about risk, and behave in risky situations. They know how best to elicit and convey information to ensure those perceptions, judgements, and behaviours reflect true intent.

Oxford Risk applies behavioural finance expertise and technology to help its clients deliver superior advice and service more efficiently.

A Wealth Manager’s Guide to Investor Cash Deployment

Sitting on excess cash can be the most costly investment decision your clients make. An investor with a moderate risk portfolio in a globally diverse multi-asset-class 'optimum' portfolio, can expect to see returns over cash of between 4-5% per year. However, merely disclosing such stats moves next…

ESG: the compelling & the compliant

A wealth manager's guide to meeting MiFID regulation and optimising client demand for ESG and sustainable investing. As client demand increases for sustainable investing solutions, global regulators are starting to sit up and take notice. The behavioural finance team at Oxford Risk have created a…