Making smarter decisions

Everyone working in the industry is aware that financial technology is changing the way we operate. Whilst the industry is undoubtedly benefiting from unprecedented investment, it pays to be sceptical about these benefits and ask whether the investment is being directed at the right problems.

In our new white paper, we explore the risks and data challenges which many Capital Market firms have been exposed to, yet been unable to solve for years. Guided by an independent market study, we identify ways of solving these challenges to yield major benefits through reduced risk and smarter decision making for the future.

What you’ll learn from this whitepaper:

  • The impact of regulation and how firms have had to tackle this change in silos without a golden source of agreement data.
  • How to re-focus investment to better manage ‘difficult to predict’ market incidents when they happen.
  • What is truly meant by ‘digitisation’ of legal agreements and the major benefits to firms from achieving this.
  • The results of a reconciliation between a global investment bank’s collateral management system and newly digitised Credit Support Annexes to expose hidden operational risks.