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Below you will find technological white papers covering aspects of bank and finance trading. Also, information from some of the leading participants in this field covering what an organisation may need to think about when considering investing in new technology systems and how this will impact upon their business as a whole. Within the context of Risk Library, technology has been defined under algorithmic trading, market data, post-trade, risk systems, technology systems & software and trading systems.

Banking Risk Management System Trends

Technology has played a central role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of risk management practices. Some banks have already put cutting-edge technologies to use and serve as strong examples of what can be achieved and how to create strategic distance from competitors.

Driving strategic transformation of investment operations

Managing operations as a seamless, front-to-back process is difficult, if not impossible, when a firm has disparate platforms for each of the functions that make up the investment process - often with different technologies that do not easily interoperate. This white paper details three of the…